1. Consultation

orthodontics Saginaw, MI

Every patient has unique situations requiring unique solutions. We make sure you will leave your consultation with all the knowledge you need and will also go over available financing options as well as any additional details to make you completely comfortable in the entire process.

2. Customization

orthodontics Saginaw, MI

We first start with a fast, precise digital scan. After that, we will map out a custom treatment plan specifically for you. You’ll even get to preview your new smile. Your aligners are then custom made for you in an advanced, mass customization process to perfectly match your bite.

3. Clear Smile!

orthodontics Saginaw, MI

After your Invisalign braces are designed, they will be available for you to pick up and begin wearing. We will prepare and fit them for you, as well as make any necessary final adjustments to your bite. You are now free to live your life without limitations. Enjoy your clear aligners while they create a beautiful new smile!

Orthodontic Care You Can Afford

Finding the right dentist and the right specialist is an important decision for the dental health of your family.

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Traditional braces are comprised of brackets that are attached to teeth and wires that are threaded through slots in the brackets. Some patients may also have metal bands encircling back teeth. Wires are held to brackets by tiny rubber bands called “ligatures” or “o-rings.”

Clear Aligners

Aligners are clear, thin, plastic-like trays that are formed to fit an individual’s teeth. Patients are responsible for putting in and removing their own aligners. A series of aligners is created to move teeth and each aligner is worn for 2-3 weeks. The teeth are actually moved a fraction of a millimeter at a time. Patients must remove aligners for meals and when brushing and flossing. The number of aligners needed to correct misaligned teeth varies based on the individual’s orthodontic problem and its correction.


There are both removable and fixed retainers. Both types of retainers hold teeth in their new positions after orthodontic treatment is completed. This allows newly formed bone to harden around the teeth. Wearing retainers as instructed is the key to maintaining the success of orthodontic treatment. Patients may be advised to wear retainers full-time for the first six months after “active” treatment ends, with wear time reduced to night-time only afterwards. When not in the mouth, removable retainers should be kept in the case provided.


Archwires fit into the slots in brackets and actually move the teeth. When viewed in cross-section, the shape of the wire is round. Round archwires are often used in earlier stages of orthodontic treatment to level and align teeth. When viewed in cross-section, the shape of a rectangular archwire is rectangular – square on both ends with a long segment in between.  Rectangular archwires are often used in later stages of orthodontic treatment to control and refine tooth movement.

orthodontics Saginaw, MI

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